History coding and medical error prevention systems

At HOMED we have been conducting scientific research since 1995.

We created the internationally patented IMPACT (Intelligent Medical Patient Record and Coding Tool) system. All medical history data and physical examination findings are coded with the system.

The resulting codes automatically produce detailed written text, suitable for medical files, medical certificates and any other similar use, while at the same time remaining available for research and development of intelligent systems (expert systems) to prevent medical errors.

The system was experimentally tested at Hygeia Hospital from 2000 to 2007 on a large number of patients with complete success.

At the same time, we created the medical software “Frontis”, an integrated electronic medical record that integrated the readings from electronic infusion pumps and other machines connected to patients.

We created the “Control Tower” software that allows the simultaneous monitoring of the clinical course of a large number of patients, with monitoring of 19 vital parameters over a period of 14 days from the moment of observation.

Homed-Research Project