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How we Handle Emergencies

Our Clinic’s Prime Location

Our clinic is conveniently situated at the start of Athens’ most famous shopping street, close to most central hotels and accommodations.

Ready to Respond

From 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily, our doctors are ready to respond to emergencies with medical vehicles. Simultaneously, our call center is alert.

In serious cases, we dispatch an ambulance almost immediately along with the doctor. The hospital gets alerted for possible patient transfer.

Immediate Medical Action

The doctor assesses the patient on-site. If necessary, provides first aid, which can be stopping a bleeding, performing CPR, or administering a drip.

If hospitalization is needed, transportation starts right away. The doctor informs the hospital to prepare relevant departments and also heads there to receive the patient. Specialists are on standby by the time the patient arrives.

Coordinated Efforts

All actions are highly coordinated to ensure no valuable time is lost.