GR 1144


Be Examined for your Heart

Getting Help for Heart-Related Discomfort

If you’re feeling unwell and think it might be your heart, our doctors are ready to help.
Just let us know what’s wrong, share your past health details, and get examined by us. It’s important to start here.

Finding Clues Through Tests

A test called an electrocardiogram (EKG) can tell us a lot about your heart.
We also do fast blood tests in our lab, getting results back in about 10 minutes.

Further Testing if Needed

Sometimes, we need to do more tests to understand your heart’s health better.
If so, we’ll bring you to our hospital for special tests like the heart triplex and x-rays.
A heart doctor, called a cardiologist, will also take a look.

Our Hospital is Ready

Our hospital has everything needed to take care of heart problems safely.

Quick Action for Heart Emergencies

Quick help is key if you’re having a serious heart problem like a heart attack. Our doctors work fast because getting the right treatment quickly can save your life.