Fractures that can be treated at home

Home Fracture Reduction Service

Many people, especially those with mobility issues, experience falls resulting in fractures at home. Transporting them to a hospital for treatment can be quite painful. In some cases, home treatment is a viable option, though an initial x-ray is always necessary.

A common injury is the Colles fracture, occurring from a fall onto the hands. Treatment involves numbing the area, realigning the bones, and then applying a cast for four weeks.

For a humerus fracture at the top of the arm, if it’s confirmed and not displaced, a two-week cast is applied. Subsequent physiotherapy aids in regaining movement.

These home treatments are primarily for individuals with significant mobility challenges, often the elderly. Hospital treatment, though, is generally preferable for several reasons. It allows for the reversal of medication effects for complete pain relief. It also enables repeated radiological checks and, if needed, corrective reduction. This is crucial for younger patients who need full motion restored. In some instances, surgical intervention may be necessary for optimal outcomes.

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