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HOMED’s Expansion Across Greece

Welcome to HOMED’s journey of growth and service expansion throughout Greece. Since our establishment, we’ve dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing healthcare services, bringing professional medical care directly to your home.

Our Growth Story

Starting from a small yet passionate team, HOMED has grown exponentially, spreading our footprint across various regions in Greece. Our commitment to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare has driven our expansion, enabling more communities to benefit from our services.

Why Expand in Greece?

Greece’s diverse geographic landscape and the need for accessible healthcare in both urban and rural areas present a unique opportunity. We aim to bridge healthcare gaps, ensuring every individual, irrespective of their location, has access to top-notch medical services.

Services Across Greece

  • Home Nursing and Care: Bringing professional nursing services to your doorstep.
  • Specialized Medical Procedures at Home: Offering a range of medical procedures comfortably at your home.
  • 24/7 Ambulance Services: Ensuring rapid response and medical attention across the country.

Future Plans

Our vision doesn’t stop here. We plan to continue growing, reaching more areas, and constantly improving our services. We’re committed to making healthcare more accessible, convenient, and personalized for every citizen in Greece.

Join Us in This Journey

Be a part of our expanding network. Whether you’re a healthcare professional looking to join a dynamic team, or a resident in Greece seeking reliable home healthcare, HOMED is here for you.

For more details about our services and expansion plans, or to join our team, visit our Contact Page. Together, let’s shape the future of healthcare in Greece.

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Homed Regional Development Greece