Minimally invasive techniques

In the field of orthopedics, there’s a growing trend among professionals to embrace minimally invasive techniques, especially for common conditions like hip fractures in the elderly. This modern approach involves making smaller incisions, coupled with the use of sophisticated imaging technologies.

These advancements greatly enhance patient recovery. A key benefit is patients often walk on their surgery day, speeding up recovery. This shift to less invasive methods improves orthopedic care, focusing on comfort and faster rehabilitation.

Orthopedic procedures traditionally involved large incisions, up to 25-30 cm. The current focus is on reducing tissue damage and precisely accessing joints. A prime example is the AMIS technique for total hip arthroplasty. Surgeons perform this using an anterior approach, avoiding muscle cuts, which speeds up recovery and lessens postoperative discomfort.

Minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries align with the medical goal of minimizing harm. They aim for surgical success with the least physical intrusion, shortening recovery times and reducing risks like infections linked to larger surgical wounds.

Orthopedists at our clinic excel in advanced surgical techniques. They have honed skills in the AMIS method and other minimally invasive procedures, guaranteeing effective and efficient patient care. They also dedicate themselves to educating patients about their surgical options, ensuring everyone understands the procedures and expected outcomes.

Patients considering orthopedic surgery receive detailed consultations from our doctors. They thoroughly address every question and concern, helping patients feel informed and confident about their care. This commitment to patient care reaches beyond the operating room, with comprehensive preoperative discussions and meticulous postoperative follow-ups, all focusing on personalized care.

In summary, our clinic’s use of minimally invasive techniques, like the AMIS method, reflects our commitment to advanced, patient-centered care. This approach ensures not just top-level surgical interventions but also a smoother, quicker recovery, transforming the overall surgical experience for our patients.

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