24-hour cardiogram and pressure recording

Rhythm Holter 

There are abnormalities on the cardiogram (typically arrhythmias) that occur occasionally and thus can only be detected by chance on a simple cardiogram. 

The chances of detecting and recognizing these disorders are significantly increased by recording the cardiogram for 24 (or more) hours on a special device worn by the examinee. The device is called a Holter. 

The device is then taken to the laboratory, where the computer detects “unusual” events during the examination, such as tachycardia, bradycardia, sudden contractions, pauses, etc.

The examination is valuable for drawing conclusions such as e.g. the need for pacemaker implantation or the need for electrophysiological monitoring.

Pressure Holter 

This is a 24-hour recording of blood pressure measurements. The patient constantly wears a special blood pressure monitor that automatically records a measurement every 15 minutes. The measurements are then analyzed on a computer and pressures outside the specified limits are recorded, their frequency as well as the average systolic and diastolic pressure. 


Homed-Rate  And  Pressure Holter