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Telemedicine At Hotels

Feb 08, 2021
In the context of supporting hotel units throughout Greece, regarding the protection against possible cases of COVID-19, HoMed has designed and developed a telemedicine system.
Homed-Telemedicine  At Hotels

In the context of supporting hotel units throughout Greece, regarding the protection against possible cases of COVID-19, hoMed has designed and developed a telemedicine system.

The company’s experience in the field of telemedicine is long and dates back to 1995. In 2003 the company was honored by the European Union for the advanced use of information technology in medicine (e-Europe Awards).

The peripheral devices provided to the hotel units and supported by the hoMed operations center are the following:

  • Telemedicine thermometer
  • Telemedicine oximeter
  • Telemedicine sphygmomanometer
  • Telemedicine stethoscope

Protection against the new coronavirus starts with temperature measurement . Each hotel unit can purchase as many telemedicine thermometers as it wishes. Devices are recognizable by our system online.

The result of each temperature measurement is sent to our online database. If any of these measurements exceed the limit we have set – in this case 37 o C – the online platform sends an alarm signal to the hoMed operations center.

Immediately our representatives communicate through the application with the person who performed the measurement, the patient with fever is identified and the coordinator of the action plan is notified for further actions.

Measurements are then taken with the pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor , the readings of which are also sent to the online platform via telemedicine and the results are displayed on the screens of the operations center.

Based on the indications and some information from the patient’s history, it is determined whether the patient must be immediately transferred to a hospital or whether he can remain in the room until the result of the molecular test.

During the waiting period, but also in the event that the deterioration of your guest’s health is unrelated to the COVID-19 disease, a medical assessment is required.

hoMed has the ability to carry out telemedicine visits anywhere in Greece, with the help of a tele-interview, the use of the above telemedicine equipment and above all, with the use of the telemedicine digital stethoscope . With this stethoscope, business center physicians are able to:

  • They listen to a patient from a distance.
  • Save listening findings for comparison.
  • Turn up the volume.
  • See graphic representations of sounds on screen.
  • Isolate high, mid and low frequency sounds.

The equipment for the implementation of telemedicine from a cooperating unit starts from 100 euros and reaches up to 1000 euros.

Receipts for all services may be issued in the name of the hotel client , as “medical services”, accompanied by the necessary Medical Report, so that he is able to be compensated by his insurance company .




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