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Private Medical Clinic

Doctor's At Home 24/7 Located in the center of Athens. 16, Ermou Str.


Exceptional Medical Care, Anytime

At HOMED, experience personalized healthcare with a touch of warmth and expertise. Located conveniently in the vibrant heart of Athens, we are your partners in wellness. Our doors are always open, providing round-the-clock services to ensure your health needs are met promptly and professionally.
Homed-A medical clinic in the center of Athens


A medical clinic in the center of Athens

The HOMED polyclinic is located in the most central point of Athens, on the main commercial pedestrian street.

In the building at 16 Ermou Street, you will find the reception and the telephone center, as well as our emergency services.

Our clinics and administration are located on the 3rd floor of the building at 16 Ermou Street. The receptionists and doctors are readily available there to assist you.

Homed-Why do you trust us?


Why do you trust us?

  • We established the internationally pioneering home healthcare system and successfully implemented it in Athens for decades.
  • We have implemented comprehensive telemedicine systems both in Athens and in remote areas.
  • Our services have been recognized and awarded by the European Union (e-Europe Awards).
  • We have also invented and built six original medical devices that have received international patents.
  • Our pioneering services have received international recognition, and we have been invited by Kuwait to develop their home hospitalization system.


Our clinics are open every day (365 days a year), from 7:00 AM until 11:00 PM. At any time (of the day or night), you can request medical services in your location (hotel or home).
If you require further diagnostic assessment or therapeutic treatment, our ambulances can promptly transport you to one of our private hospitals, where our medical team will receive you without any delay.
If you are dealing with a bothersome but not serious health condition, we ensure that with a few hours of hospital care, you will be able to return to your regular scheduled activities (work, travel, vacation).


+30 or WhatsApp +30 697.69.13.046


The call center is available 24/7 at +30
The WhatsApp phone at +30 697.69.13.046 is available daily from 07:00 to 23:00.

Testimonials from our patients

I feel obliged to thank you for the unprecedented quality of service that Home Nursing provided to my mother. It is comforting that there are serious businesses like yours in our country.

President of Industries and Trade and Vice-President of the European Union Viticulture Advisory.
Vasilios Kourtakis

It is my pleasant duty to praise the services offered to me by Home Nursing. On the night of November 28, I found an immediate response from this service of yours. The care I received, after a long time of employment, was absolutely useful.

In particular, I wish to highlight the feeling of humanity, so important for the sufferer, which all the members of the Service demonstrated.

Honorary Ambassador of Greece

I am writing to express my thanks for the medical services I received during my stay in Greece. I found the medical services to be of a very high quality. Not only was I impressed by the high standard of medical care, but I found both the medical and nursing staff very friendly and made me feel at ease and safe in your hands. I am about to undergo an operation, after the apt diagnosis you made in Greece. I'm scared, but I MUST move on. Thank you for your kind care.

Diplomatic corps of spain
Leonie Crook

Awards & Patents

  • Distinction of hoMed from the European Union
  • Patent: “ARCHIMEDES”® folding and portable body weight measuring scale on bed
  • Patent: “Stand-a-Drip”® disposable serum stand
  • Patent: Collapsible and portable X-ray lamp support wheel base®
  • Patent: Regional cryoanesthesia device®
  • Patent: Automatic Multiple Sequential Intradermal Injection System®
  • Patent: Abdominal wall fixation device during endoscopic percutaneous gastroenterostomy