Pricing Policy

At Homed, we engage in collaborative partnerships with health insurance firms spanning a diverse range of countries, optimizing the efficiency and efficacy of the Homed Insurance Reimbursement Process. Irrespective of the distinct reimbursement protocols employed by each insurance entity, our methodology is anchored in a rigorous, systematic approach. This entails the preparation of an exhaustive, meticulously detailed report that substantiates the imperative need for urgent medical care. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive, itemized breakdown of all charges incurred. This thorough documentation ensures clarity, transparency, and compliance with the varied requirements of our partnering insurance companies, thereby facilitating a streamlined and effective reimbursement procedure.

To facilitate your insurance company’s approval, we’ll send you a detailed medical report and an itemized bill via email.

If your treatment involves hospital admission or surgery, we initiate early communication with your insurance company as part of the Homed Insurance Reimbursement Process. This early engagement helps expedite the reimbursement and ensures the funds return to your bank account more quickly.

We advise you to call your policy’s 24/7 hotline to ‘open’ your case. Request a case (or claim) number and the email address for sending our reports. This step is critical in the reimbursement procedure.

Travel insurance companies may require your tickets to verify that the incident occurred during your coverage period. Please show them to the doctor, who will forward them to our secretariat.

If your insurance company provides a ‘guarantee of payment’ before completing your treatment, you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses. Otherwise, the Homed Insurance Reimbursement Process we follow will ensure a swift reimbursement for you.”

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Indicative Price List
Examination by a doctor at our clinics
100 €
Examination by a doctor at your place of accommodation (e.g., hotel)
120 €