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Patient Reviews: A Symphony of Gratitude

Patient scommenting her satisfaction to our services and medical care.
When I was in Athens, I felt bad. I asked the hotel employee to call a doctor from a private clinic. I was taken by ambulance to the private clinic Attiko Therapeftirio, where I was treated by Dr. Elias Papazissis. It was the best decision to come here and be under the care of Homed doctors and employees. I was taken care of immediately, all tests were performed immediately and it turned out that I had pneumonia. Dr. Papazissis and the entire team took excellent care of me.

The patient holding a card of HOMED polyclinic and being happy with her treatment in the hospital

A comment from the gentleman who praises the doctor who attended to him for their responsiveness, politeness, and proficiency in the English language.
They responded quickly and the doctor arrived at the appointed time. The doctor was polite, helpful, spoke very good English.
Amazed by our services
I was amazed by the fast, professional and caring treatment. I was quickly observed by the doctor, referred to x-rays in hospital and was escorted by the doctor until results were ready. Then the doctor contacted orthopedist for consultation, and finally ordered taxi for me. Great service!
Patient satisfaction for the treatment
100% recommendable! I usually get very bad throat infections that only go away with an injectable Penicillin that they give me in Uruguay. Penicillin in Greece is applied in a restricted manner but the Doctor spent more than 2 hours looking for an alternative injectable which they applied to me and I improved quickly.
He is an excellent professional with enormous human warmth, his work team is very attentive and committed.
Graditude towards Dr.Papazissis and his team
Dr. Papazissis and his team were amazing, we had a Dr come to our hotel promptly to assess my wife’s injury, we then went to the clinic for X-rays and consultation. They provided us with excellent care and advice, a very quick medical report for our insurance and everyone was very supportive. They all speak excellent English as well. Thank you Dr. Papazissis and your team.
Client commenting about our member of the team and her succesful recovery!
Dr. Papazisis was so helpful. I contacted the practice via internet during the evening. I was suffering from severe sciactica following a fall during my trip. An appointment was made for the doctor to see me at our hotel within12 hours of my initial contact. I was prescribed pain meds for the 11 hour trip home. There was no way I could have made it without assistance.
Google Review comment about HOMED and it's services
The staff were fabulous. So helpful and reassuring. I received a consult with the doctor immediately and therefore treatment commenced quickly and I could continue my holiday. I cannot praise them more highly.
Costumer satsfied about our medical services.politeness and great.
We requested our hotel organize a doctor for us and expected to wait quite some time but instead he arrived quickly. He was thorough, polite and great to deal with. We were most impressed with the service!
Client satsfied with our services and recommended us 11/10!
Dr. Papazissis and his team were amazing, one of the best doctors I have met in the world and we have done a lot of travelling. Professional, kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and to make things much better, made us all laugh during the mishap. The service was prompt, with a lot of consultation to explain what had happen and they went out of their way to make the situation a better, and can I say, a happy one, all things considered.
We thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts, and exemplary in Greek hospitality.
Highly recommended, professional, lots of love and care, I would give 11 out of 10 if I could!!!
Patient being thankful for our doctors and our fast response to her needs and our co-operation with travel insurances
My hotel connected me with Homed to work out my medical issue. Thankful that I had travel insurance to cover the visit. The doctor (name unrecalled) provided me with the necessary Rx, instructions, and located the hard to find pharmacy who carried it. My vocation is going much better now. Thank you
Ross sivo commenting about our location at ermou street and thanking our doctros
Great service from doctors located centrally on Ermou Street- was able ro obtain medication on a Sunday when most pharmacists were closed.
Arnu matthews hughly recommend us  for our medical services
Highly recommend this medical practice. I really struggled to find somewhere to go to the doctor in Athens which is stressful so far away from home. The receptionist was really nice and so was the doctor, as well as professional. There’s also a pharmacy right next to the practice.


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