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Hit your Head?

Head Injuries: Immediate Care

If you bump your head, it may hide an injury inside, even without a cut. Sometimes, these injuries don’t show up right away.

Doctor’s Exam

See a doctor for a check-up. They will look at your head and do a nerve test.


A simple brain shake, called a concussion, doesn’t need special treatment. The doctor will tell you to rest, stay away from screens, and not drink alcohol for 24 hours.

Internal Bleeding

A sneakier injury is bleeding inside the brain. At first, you might not feel it. As blood builds up, it presses on the brain and causes problems. If the bleed is small, symptoms may take time to show.

CT Scan

A scan called a CT can spot blood anywhere in the brain. After a hard bump, a CT scan is the best way to make sure everything is okay.

Open Wounds

If there’s a cut, it’s easy to see. Our doctors can stitch it in our clinic. The stitches usually don’t dissolve and come out in 7-10 days. Keep the wound dry during this time. If there’s no hair near the cut, you can shower but keep the wound dry with a waterproof cover. Otherwise, shower right after getting stitches and before putting on a bandage. You can wash normally a day after removing the stitches.