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Skin Injury

Active Approach to Cutaneous Wound Care and Management

Proactively Handling Skin Injuries for Effective Cutaneous Wound Care

Unexpectedly occurring during activities or vacations, skin injuries demand immediate and effective treatment. Our approach varies depending on the injury’s size, depth, location, cleanliness, and its impact on structures like blood vessels and muscles.

Assessing and Actively Treating Cutaneous Wounds

We actively clean and cover surface wounds with a non-stick dressing, ensuring they heal within days. For deeper wounds, we carefully align the skin for optimal healing. In cases like a chin cut, we may opt for sterile strips instead of stitches.

Expert Stitching for Deep Cutaneous Wounds at Our Clinic

Our clinic specializes in stitching deep wounds. We maintain sterile conditions and administer local anesthesia for comfort. Our team thoroughly checks for any underlying damage, ready to escalate to surgery if the situation demands.

Timely Stitch Removal in Cutaneous Wound Care

We remove non-dissolvable stitches typically between 5-10 days after application, considering the wound’s type and location. The tension at the wound’s edge also guides our timing.

Determining the Need for Antibiotics in Cutaneous Wound Management

Our doctors assess each wound’s cleanliness and depth to decide on antibiotic use. We consider the injury’s origin, such as outdoor accidents or indoor glass cuts, in our decision-making process.

Ensuring Tetanus Protection in Cutaneous Wound Care

We emphasize the importance of tetanus vaccination in wound care. Those with a recent booster are protected. We offer immediate vaccinations for those unsure about their status and provide an anti-tetanus serum to unvaccinated individuals, along with a recommended vaccination schedule.

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