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Hit your Head?

Active Response to Head Injuries

Responding Immediately

When you bump your head, you may have an internal injury, even if there’s no cut. Not all injuries show symptoms immediately, so it’s important to be vigilant.

Doctor’s Active Assessment

If you sustain a head injury, promptly visit a doctor for an evaluation. The doctor will examine your head and conduct neurological tests to assess any hidden damage.

Managing Concussions

In cases of a concussion, which is essentially a mild brain shake, special treatment usually isn’t necessary. The doctor will recommend resting, avoiding screens, and abstaining from alcohol for 24 hours to aid recovery.

Identifying Internal Bleeding: A Critical Aspect

 Internal bleeding in the brain can be a stealthy issue in head injuries. You might not feel its effects initially. As the bleeding continues, it increases pressure on the brain, leading to complications. Seek immediate medical attention if you suspect internal bleeding, even if symptoms are delayed.

Utilizing CT Scans for Diagnosis

A CT scan is a vital tool for detecting brain bleeding. After a severe head bump, it’s important to get a CT scan to ensure there are no internal injuries.

Treating Open Wounds 

If your head injury includes an open cut, our doctors can stitch it up in our clinic. Typically, these stitches, which are non-dissolvable, need removal within 7-10 days. Keeping the wound dry is crucial during this period. You can shower with a waterproof cover if the wound is in a hairless area. Normal washing can resume a day after stitch removal.

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