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Document for Travel After Recovery

Are you Fit to Fly?

You often require a special medical certificate to travel after recovering from an illness or injury.

Such cases include:

  1. When you postpone travel due to a health issue.
  2. Situations where you experienced illness during a previous flight and the airline knows about it.
  3. Visible health problems, such as using crutches, wearing a cast, having an upper limb suspension, or needing a wheelchair.

The airline requires a written assurance from a doctor who has examined you, confirming that there is a minimal risk of you experiencing serious health deterioration during the flight. This assurance is necessary to prevent any potential disturbance to the crew and passengers, and to avoid forcing the pilot to make an unplanned landing at the nearest airport for your disembarkation.

It also asks for more specific clarifications, such as:

  • Whether you can walk without assistance, or if you need a wheelchair or stretcher:
    • During your movements at the airports
    • When boarding the aircraft
    • During your movements inside the aircraft.
  • If you need oxygen provision on board
  • If you need medication on board
  • If you need a medical escort, nurse escort, or any particular assistance from the on-board staff.
  • Whether you can sit in a regular seat or require a business class seat or stretcher
  • If your condition may cause discomfort, odor, or any kind of aversion to the other passengers.

Often, your insurance or the airline requests this form from us.

Our medical team is highly experienced in drafting such documents, and our administrative team is adept at identifying when they are likely needed. After completing your treatment, we not only provide you with the necessary documents for your insurance but also send the fit-to-fly form directly to your email.

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