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HOMED: Your Premier Emergency Medical Services Provider

Emergency medical care HOMED

HOMED is conveniently located at 16 Ermou Street, providing easy access for guests from central hotels and accommodations.

Responsive Care from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Every day, HOMED is ready to address urgent medical needs. Our equipped medical vehicles and responsive call center ensure swift action, including ambulance dispatch and hospital notifications if needed.

On-Site Medical Excellence

Firstly, our doctors quickly assess and administer first aid, such as stopping bleeding, performing CPR, or providing IV drips. Additionally, we arrange prompt hospital transportation and coordination.

Comprehensive Services

Moreover, HOMED offers follow-up care from diagnosis to recovery with a team of specialists, ensuring a seamless healthcare journey.

A Beacon of Medical Care

HOMED handles emergencies with swift, compassionate, and patient-centered care, upholding the highest standards of medical excellence. Furthermore, our commitment is to provide top-notch care for both locals and visitors. We also offer preventive care services, wellness check-ups, and personalized health consultations to keep our community healthy and informed.

Contact Us

For more information or immediate assistance, please visit our Contact page. We’re here to help.

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Just click here. Our clinic is named HOMED to avoid confusion with other clinics.

Emergency medical care HOMED