24-hour cardiogram and pressure recording

24-Hour Holter Monitoring

Rhythm Holter

“Cardiogram abnormalities, like arrhythmias, are elusive and might only appear sporadically on a standard cardiogram. By wearing a Holter monitor for 24 hours or more, patients significantly increase the likelihood of detecting these irregularities. After the monitoring period, patients return the device to our lab. Here, our specialized computers analyze the data, identifying any unusual events such as rapid or slow heartbeats, sudden contractions, and pauses.

Doctors rely on this test to make critical decisions, including whether to implant a pacemaker or extend heart monitoring.

Pressure Holter

This device monitors blood pressure continuously for 24 hours. Patients wear a special monitor that records blood pressure every 15 minutes. We then analyze these readings using a computer, which highlights any instances of abnormally high or low pressures. It also calculates the frequency of these occurrences and determines the average high and low pressures.

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Homed-Rate  And  Pressure Holter