Dentistry at home.

At-Home Dental Care: Addressing Mobility Challenges

We frequently encounter patients with mobility limitations suffering from severe dental issues. In these cases, neglected oral hygiene often results in severe gingivitis, broken teeth, and infected roots.

Furthermore, chronic oral inflammation, a key concern of our At-Home Dental Care, can negatively impact the entire body. This includes complications such as foreign body absorption, bacterial endocarditis, pneumonia, diabetes dysregulation, and increased blood inflammation markers.

Moreover, our Dental Care team excels in treating elderly patients and those with dementia or mobility disorders. We bring a full range of dental services directly to patients’ homes. Using portable equipment, we ensure easy access to essential procedures like radiographs, extractions, fillings, nerve treatments, bridges, and dentures.

Finally, our At-Home Dental Care allows patients to receive professional treatments conveniently at home. This eliminates the stress and challenges associated with clinic visits.

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