Complete ultrasound study of the cardiovascular system

After we perform an electrocardiogram to check the heart’s electrical activity, the next vital step is a ‘Cardiovascular Ultrasound Triplex’ for a complete cardiac evaluation.

This essential test in heart diagnostics looks at several key factors:

  1. The ‘Cardiovascular Ultrasound Triplex’ carefully examines valve function and any narrowing.
  2. It spots thickening of heart walls and enlargement of heart chambers, which are crucial signs of heart health.
  3. The ‘Triplex’ plays a key role in finding areas of reduced movement in the heart muscle, especially after a heart attack.
  4. It also measures how well the heart pumps blood and the pressure in the lungs’ blood vessels.

Furthermore, the Ultrasound Triplex for arteries and veins is vital for checking the health of these blood vessels. It quickly spots blockages or clots in arteries and veins.”

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Moreover, the lower extremity artery-vein ‘Triplex’ test is instrumental in preventing conditions like gangrene, lower extremity amputation, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.”

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