A hospital in your home

Comprehensive Home Hospitalization Service

Since 1995, HOMED has changed healthcare with our home hospital services. We believe that we can safely treat at home patients who don’t need surgery or intensive care.

Our Services Include:

  • Regular and Emergency Home Nursing: Our nurses provide everyday and urgent care in your home.
  • Electronic Medical Records: We keep patient records updated using digital systems.
  • Home Diagnostic Services: We conduct blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds at home with our portable equipment.
  • Advanced Nursing Care: Our nurses expertly administer medications and treatments through IVs.
  • Physiotherapy at Home: We offer personalized physiotherapy to help you recover and improve your mobility, all in the comfort of your home.
  • Oxygen and Nebulizer Services: We supply essential devices like oxygen tanks and nebulizers for home use.

HOMED ensures top medical care is accessible right in your home.

Discover the Future of Healthcare with HOMED: Bringing a Comprehensive Home Hospitalization Service. For detailed information and to connect with our experts, visit our Contact Page. Embrace the ease and comfort of professional medical care at your doorstep

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