Home wound suturing by a surgeon

Home Wound Suturing Service

Home Wound Suturing Services expertly repair most wounds occurring in the home environment, eliminating the need to move the patient. Our surgeons, who visit your home, come equipped with sterile instruments, sterile surgical fields, injectable anesthetic drugs, diathermy devices for potential hemostasis, various sutures (absorbable, non-absorbable, etc.), and bandage materials. They clean and inspect each wound during their visit, deciding if home treatment suffices or if hospital transport is necessary.

  • Sterile instruments.
  • Sterile surgical fields.
  • Injectable anesthetic drugs.
  • Diathermy device for possible hemostasis.
  • Sutures of all kinds (absorbable, non-absorbable, etc.).
  • Bandage material.

Also, during the visit, the wound is cleaned and inspected. It is decided whether the injury can be treated at home or needs to be transported to a hospital. 

Cases of injuries that require transport to a hospital:

  • Severed tendon.
  • Large wound whose depth is not visible, mainly in the chest and abdomen.

 In case of an urgent wound that needs immediate attention, use this Google Maps link to share your location with us. Our team can quickly assess the situation and dispatch the necessary medical assistance to your home, ensuring timely and effective care or contact us here 

Lastly dive into the realm of specialized Home Wound Suturing Services, bringing personalized care directly to your doorstep. We craft our services to offer you convenience, comfort, and the highest professional care standards for your wound healing. Discover how we facilitate your faster and safer recovery, and gain access to valuable resources and expert guidance by visiting our website.

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