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Runner's Guide to Achilles Tendonitis: Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention

Feb 05, 2024
Discover how to combat Achilles tendonitis with proven treatment strategies and recovery exercises tailored for runners. Learn essential prevention tips to safeguard your tendons and keep you running pain-free.
Homed-Runner's Guide to Achilles Tendonitis: Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention

Achilles tendonitis treatment

Achilles Tendonitis in Runners

Runners frequently encounter Achilles tendonitis, largely due to the significant role calf muscles play in the push-off phase of a stride. The repetitive action of running, especially without enough rest, often inflames the Achilles tendon.

Initial Symptoms

Discomfort in the lower calf and back of the heel typically signals the start of tendonitis. This pain usually intensifies with the onset of exercise but can lessen as the activity continues. Diagnosing Achilles tendonitis relies on patient-reported symptoms and physical examinations.

Treatment Approaches

To ease pain and reduce inflammation, applying ice and using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are effective first steps. Avoiding running and cycling is crucial until the pain subsides. Starting pain-free hamstring stretches and strength exercises early aids recovery. Soft-soled shoes or heel lifts in running shoes may also be recommended to lessen tendon strain and support the heel. A careful, gradual return to running, stretching the tendon before exercises, and icing after activities are key to preventing re-injury.

Complete Achilles Tear

In the event of a complete Achilles tendon rupture, often caused by a quick and strong change in direction during activities like running or tennis, the sensation might resemble being struck in the back of the ankle, sometimes with an audible pop. This condition severely affects the ability to walk, accompanied by intense calf pain, swelling, and bruising. Treatment for a complete tear typically involves splinting and, in some cases, surgery.

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 Achilles tendonitis treatment



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