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We treat you and bill your insurance

HOMED Insurance Process: Hassle-Free Financial Management

At HOMED, we ensure you enjoy our top-notch services without financial strain. Our HOMED Insurance Process is designed to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Initial Steps with Your HOMED Insurance

When you first request our services, it’s essential to activate your HOMED Insurance Coverage. Please contact your insurance using the 24/7 number provided in your policy. Open a case, obtain a case or claim number, and find out the email address for sending daily medical reports.

Efficient Payment Handling

With our HOMED Payment Procedure, financial concerns are minimized. If we receive a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) from your insurance before the end of your stay, you won’t have to pay anything. In cases where the GOP isn’t received in time, our streamlined HOMED Insurance Process significantly shortens your reimbursement time and ensures the prompt return of any payments you’ve made.

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