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Managing Human Bite Injuries: Risks, Symptoms, and Treatment

Mar 16, 2024
Human bites can lead to infections and disease transmission. Knowing how to treat and prevent them is vital.
Homed-Managing Human Bite Injuries: Risks, Symptoms, and Treatment

Human Bite Treatment

Understanding Human Bites: Risks and Symptoms


Human bites, though not known for sharpness, can result in bruising and shallow tears. However, more severe injuries may occur in areas with fleshy appendages such as the ears, nose, and genitalia.

Risks and Complications

A common complication is the “clenched-fist injury,” often termed a fight bite, which arises when someone punches another person in the mouth. This can lead to infection, especially when it involves the knuckles and finger tendons.

Disease Transmission

Human bites can also transmit diseases like hepatitis, although the risk of HIV transmission is low due to saliva’s lower concentration of the virus and its inhibitory substances.

Symptoms of Human Bites


Typical symptoms of human bites include pain, visible tooth patterns on the skin, and in cases of fight bites, small, straight cuts on the knuckles. Injuries involving finger tendons can result in limited finger mobility.

Treatment Approaches

Wound Care

Initial treatment involves cleansing the wound with sterile saline and soap water to prevent infection.

Management of Severed Parts

Severed body parts, if salvageable, should be wrapped in a damp cloth, placed in a plastic bag, and surrounded by ice to preserve them for potential reattachment.

Surgical Intervention

Surgical closure is often required for tears, especially those affecting the hand or if the injury occurred several hours ago.


Most cases of broken skin resulting from human bites require oral antibiotics to stave off infection. Infected bites may necessitate surgical intervention to remove foreign objects and thoroughly clean the wound, sometimes with the aid of imaging studies like x-rays or ultrasonography.

Hospitalization and Preventive Measures

In severe cases of infection, hospitalization for intravenous antibiotics may be necessary. Additionally, if the biting person is known or suspected to carry a disease transmissible through biting, preventive treatment may be warranted.

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