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Telemedicine At Hotels

Feb 08, 2021
In the context of supporting hotel units throughout Greece, regarding the protection against possible cases of COVID-19, HoMed has designed and developed a telemedicine system.
Homed-Telemedicine  At Hotels

Hotel Telemedicine Services Greece

hoMed has actively developed a telemedicine system to support Greek hotels against COVID-19. This initiative, drawing on their extensive telemedicine experience since 1995, gained recognition from the European Union in 2003 for its innovative use of information technology in healthcare.

The system offers hotels various health-monitoring devices, including telemedicine thermometers, oximeters, sphygmomanometers, and stethoscopes, supported by hoMed’s operations center. These devices play a key role in detecting and managing potential COVID-19 cases early.

Hotels can buy any number of telemedicine thermometers, which integrate seamlessly into hoMed’s online system. If a temperature reading exceeds 37°C, the system immediately alerts the operations center.

hoMed representatives then quickly contact the person who recorded the temperature. They identify the patient with fever and inform the action plan coordinator for further action.

The system also takes readings from pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitors. These readings, sent through telemedicine, appear in real-time at the operations center. The team there decides whether to hospitalize the patient immediately or let them stay in their room until molecular test results come in.

Even if a guest’s health issue isn’t related to COVID-19, a comprehensive medical assessment during the waiting period is crucial. hoMed can conduct telemedicine visits all over Greece, using tele-interviews and the devices mentioned above, especially the digital stethoscope. This tool allows physicians to listen to patients from a distance, record findings, adjust audio, and visually analyze sound frequencies.

Implementing this telemedicine equipment in a hotel costs between 100 and 1000 euros. hoMed provides receipts for all services as “medical services,” complete with the necessary Medical Report. This allows hotel clients to claim reimbursements from their insurance, ensuring both health safety and financial security.



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