Corona virus test

Due to the peak number of cases and the financial crisis, our practice offers:

Affordable COVID-19 Testingat the price of 5 Euros.

he 5 euro price applies to exams from Monday to Saturday at our clinics; it’s 10 euros on Sundays. COVID-19 sampling occurs at Ermou 18, Syntagma Square, without needing an appointment. Results and receipts are emailed directly..

In our clinic we perform:

  • Rapid test (Antigen) . The result is sent to your email within minutes. The cost is 5 euros from Monday to Saturday, 10 euros on Sundays.
  • PCR (molecular) test . The result is sent to your email on the same day. The cost is 47 Euros . 
  • EXPRESS PCR test . The result is available in 40 minutes from the time of sampling. 

For repeat checks, you only register the first time.

All subsequent times you only come with your AMKA and the process is very fast. 

Our clinic is open daily (7 days a week) from 07:00 – 22:00

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Rapid test (antigen test)

  • The immunochromatography method conducts the examination. Results become available in 5 minutes. To perform the test, a special swab collects a small material sample from the nasal or pharyngeal cavity, then places it into the product plate. The reagents, upon contacting the virus’s surface protein, produce color.


  • The test’s sensitivity is 92%, indicating an 8% chance of error in negative results
  • and its specificity is 98%, meaning a 2% error possibility in positive results.

PCR molecular testing

A molecular biology lab performs the exam by amplifying and identifying the genetic material. Results are available on the same day.

The test’s sensitivity is 98%, meaning there’s a 2% chance of error in negative results.

It’s 100% specific, ensuring no error in positive results.

Each test result from our clinics includes a QR code, verifying the certificate’s authenticity by linking to our database record.


Homed-Corona Test