Rapid and PCR tests

COVID-19 Testing Clinic at Ermou 16-18, Syntagma Square

Our COVID-19 Testing Clinic, centrally located at Ermou 16-18 Str, Syntagma Square, offers reliable coronavirus testing for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

Rapid and PCR Testing Options

  • Rapid Antigen Test

    • Provides quick results, detecting virus proteins within minutes.
    • Sensitivity: 92% | Specificity: 98%
  • PCR Testing for Detailed Analysis

    • Accurately identifies specific virus genes, with results available in a few hours.
    • Sensitivity: 98% | Specificity: 100%

Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability in Testing

Our clinic prioritizes accurate and reliable testing, conducted with the highest level of precision to ensure trustworthy results for our patients.

Convenient Delivery of Test Results

  • Rapid Test: Immediate results are emailed within minutes.
  • PCR Test: Detailed results are sent within the day.

Walk-In Testing Available

We invite all visitors to undergo Rapid and PCR tests at our clinic without needing prior appointments. We guarantee quick and efficient service for every visitor.

Commitment to Public Health

Our COVID-19 Testing Clinic actively upholds public health and safety. We follow stringent protocols diligently to ensure the well-being of both our patients and staff.

Stay Updated and Informed

Regularly check our website for the latest updates on COVID-19 and our services. We strive to keep you informed and well-prepared at all times.

Contact Us for More Information

For personalized assistance or further inquiries, please visit our Contact Page. Our team is ready to help you with any questions or needs you may have.

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