Rapid and PCR tests

We perform tests for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the COVID-19 disease in our Medical Clinic, Ermou 16-18 Str, Syntagma Square.

There are two types of tests for coronavirus:

  • Rapid (antigen) test. It detects the presence of proteins, which are found at the surface of the virus. The method is immuno-assay. It is a very quick test and the results are available within minutes. 
  • PCR test. It detects the presence of specific genes of the virus, via repeated multiplication of the RNA. It is performed in the laboratory and it requires at least 3 hours. 

All laboratory examinations are characterized by two factors:

  • Sensitivity. It reflects the degree of certainty in the case of negative result.
  • Specificity. It reflects the degree of certainty in the case of positive result. 

RAPID (Antigen) test

  • Sensitivity = 92% (8% false negative results)
  • Specificity = 98% (2% false positive results)

PCR test

  • Sensitivity = 98% (2% false negative results)
  • Specificity = 100% (NO false positive results)


All tests are delivered at the recipient’s email address.

  • Rapid tests: Within a few minutes.
  • PCR test results: Within the day.


You don’t need to book an appointment for your test. 

Homed-COVID-19 testing