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HOMED Innovative Medical Patents: Revolutionizing Healthcare

HOMED Innovative Medical Patents

Stands as a beacon in healthcare innovation, offering a diverse array of advanced medical technologies. Significantly, this portfolio is not just a collection of devices; it’s a testament to a future where healthcare is more efficient, patient-friendly, and effective.

ARCHIMEDES®: A Milestone in HOMED’s Portfolio

Importantly, the ARCHIMEDES® weight scale from HOMED Innovative Medical Patents is a prime example of ingenuity for bedridden patients. Its foldable, portable design revolutionizes patient weight management, emphasizing accuracy, comfort, and safety.

Stand-a-Drip®: HOMED’s Answer to Efficient Serum Administration

Furthermore, the Stand-a-Drip® serum stand, another gem in the HOMED Innovative Medical Patents collection, is a model of practicality. Its collapsible nature suits the ever-changing landscape of healthcare facilities, underlining HOMED’s focus on adaptability and efficiency.

Enhancing Radiography with HOMED’s Portable X-Ray Support

Additionally, the portable x-ray lamp support on wheels®, a brainchild of HOMED Patents, brings unparalleled mobility to radiographic procedures, reflecting HOMED’s commitment to making healthcare more accessible.

Regional Cryoanesthesia Device®: HOMED’s Pain Management Solution

The regional cryoanesthesia device® from HOMED demonstrates their dedication to patient comfort and innovative pain management techniques, further solidifying the importance of the HOMED Patents in modern medicine.

Simplifying Injections: HOMED’s Automatic Injection System

HOMED Innovative Medical Patents

Introduces the Automatic Multiple Sequential Intradermal Injection System®, revolutionizing the injection process with its precision and patient-friendly design.

Surgical Precision with HOMED’s Abdominal Wall Fixation Device

The abdominal wall fixation device, crucial in procedures like endoscopic percutaneous gastroenterostomy®, showcases HOMED’s innovative spirit in surgical solutions, ensuring successful outcomes through enhanced stability and precision.

Conclusion: HOMED’s Commitment to Medical Advancement

 Each patent under HOMED reflects a deep commitment to medical excellence and patient care. By continuously developing such groundbreaking devices, HOMED is not only advancing healthcare technology but also shaping a new era of empathetic and effective medical solutions. Their portfolio is a clear symbol of their unwavering dedication to improving global healthcare standards.

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Folding and portable body weight measuring scale on bed "ARCHIMEDES"®

Stand-a-Drip® disposable serum stand

Collapsible and portable x-ray lamp support on wheels®

Regional cryoanesthesia device®

Automatic Multiple Sequential Intradermal Injection System®

Abdominal wall fixation device during endoscopic percutaneous gastroenterostomy®