Continuous research & development

The “HOMED Innovative Medical Patents” portfolio stands at the forefront of healthcare advancement. Our collection of patented technologies, including the ARCHIMEDES® weight scale and Stand-a-Drip® serum stand, exemplifies our unwavering commitment to elevating patient care.

At the heart of our innovations is ARCHIMEDES®, a groundbreaking weight scale designed for bedridden patients. This folding and portable device revolutionizes how medical professionals manage patient weight, ensuring accuracy while prioritizing patient comfort and safety.

Stand-a-Drip®, our innovative disposable serum stand, embodies practicality and efficiency in serum administration. Its collapsible and portable nature marks a significant advancement in medical equipment, adeptly meeting the dynamic demands of modern healthcare settings.

Furthermore, our portable x-ray lamp support on wheels® brings unmatched mobility to radiographic procedures. This inventive design enhances flexibility, making radiographic services more accessible and efficient in various medical scenarios.

Additionally, our regional cryoanesthesia device® is a game-changer in pain management. It provides targeted anesthesia, significantly elevating patient comfort during medical treatments. This device is a clear reflection of our mission to improve patient experiences through innovative technology.

The Automatic Multiple Sequential Intradermal Injection System® further demonstrates our commitment to medical excellence. It simplifies the injection process, ensuring precision and minimizing discomfort, epitomizing our dedication to enhancing medical procedures.

Our abdominal wall fixation device, crucial during endoscopic percutaneous gastroenterostomy®, showcases our innovative spirit in surgical solutions. It offers enhanced stability and precision, vital for successful surgical outcomes.

The continuous development and patenting of such pioneering medical devices underscore the essence of “HOMED Innovative Medical Patents.” Our focus remains steadfast on transforming healthcare delivery, optimizing patient comfort, and enhancing treatment efficacy.

Our journey under the “HOMED Innovative Medical Patents” initiative is not just about creating medical devices; it’s about reshaping the future of healthcare. These patents represent our strides towards a new era of innovative, effective, and empathetic healthcare solutions.

At HOMED, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of medical technology. Each patent in our portfolio is a testament to our quest for excellence and our commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

In conclusion, the “HOMED Innovative Medical Patents” collection is more than just a list of inventions; it’s a symbol of our dedication to healthcare innovation and our enduring pledge to improve the quality of medical care worldwide.

Folding and portable body weight measuring scale on bed "ARCHIMEDES"®

Stand-a-Drip® disposable serum stand

Collapsible and portable x-ray lamp support on wheels®

Regional cryoanesthesia device®

Automatic Multiple Sequential Intradermal Injection System®

Abdominal wall fixation device during endoscopic percutaneous gastroenterostomy®