History coding and medical error prevention systems

HOMED Research in Medical Systems.

Since 1995, HOMED has steadfastly pursued scientific research. Our signature achievement is the internationally patented IMPACT system (Intelligent Medical Patient Record and Coding Tool). IMPACT meticulously codes all data from medical histories and physical examinations, revolutionizing medical documentation.

HOMED’s research in medical systems leads to thorough and detailed documents, perfect for medical records, certificates, and similar uses. It also makes it easier to reach data needed for research and for creating systems that help prevent medical mistakes, like expert systems.

IMPACT’s effectiveness was proven through rigorous testing at Hygeia Hospital from 2000 to 2007. It demonstrated impeccable performance across a broad patient demographic, showcasing its reliability.

Alongside this, we created “Frontis,” a complete electronic medical record software. Frontis combines data from electronic infusion pumps and other devices connected to patients. This combination marks a big step forward in the efficiency of keeping medical records.

Moreover, we introduced the “Control Tower” software, an innovative tool for simultaneously monitoring multiple patients’ clinical progression. It tracks 19 vital signs over a 14-day observation period, ensuring detailed patient oversight.

These innovations reflect our commitment to harnessing technology for healthcare improvement. Each project, from IMPACT to Frontis and Control Tower, underscores our dedication to bettering patient care through advanced technology.

Additionally, our focus extends to minimizing medical errors. By continuously refining these systems, we aim to elevate healthcare standards globally.

Furthermore, these initiatives have broad implications for patient care. Advanced technologies not only streamline healthcare processes but also bolster patient safety and outcomes.

In sum, HOMED’s trailblazing research, featuring systems like IMPACT, Frontis, and Control Tower, cements our role as a leader in healthcare innovation. Our continuous research efforts exemplify our commitment to transforming healthcare systems worldwide for the better.

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