HOMED International Recognition

In July 1995, Dr. Elias Papazissis received an important call that started the “HOMED Global Healthcare Recognition.” This event led to creating TELEIATRIKI, a new business that changed the way hospital care is given at home. It focused on patients who didn’t need surgery and quickly gained worldwide interest. This success led to ultimately merged with Hygeia Hospital.

By 2000, Dr. Papazissis had taken charge of Hygeia’s Hospital at Home Department. The European Union recognized its innovative integration of information technology, awarding the prestigious e-Europe Awards, a significant nod to the “HOMED Global Healthcare Recognition.”

In 2004, Dr. Papazissis’s system received international acclaim. He presented at an Australian conference, focusing on in-home hospital-level care. Additionally, he organized a conference in Dubai, themed “Bringing Modern Medicine into Homes,” further establishing his innovative vision.

Furthermore, the establishment of HOMED in 2007 marked a critical advancement in home healthcare. By 2014, Dr. Papazissis was highlighting its innovations in Australia, underscoring its global healthcare influence.

Also, in 2013, HOMED contributed significantly to Kuwait’s national home healthcare system. This involvement underlined HOMED’s expanding global influence. Earlier, in 2011, the non-profit organization IRITEL was established under HOMED, focusing on telemedicine research, ethical considerations in out-of-hospital health services, and education, further enriching the “HOMED Global Healthcare Recognition.”

Dr. Papazissis also invented several medical devices and systems, enhancing patient care significantly. These innovations played a pivotal role in advancing HOMED’s reputation.

Consistently, HOMED shares its vast knowledge with new healthcare professionals through IRITEL. It organizes medical conferences and workshops across Greece, demonstrating its commitment to healthcare education and knowledge dissemination.

Moreover, HOMED engages in humanitarian missions, aiding residents on isolated islands during winter. It supports “The Smile of the Child” and funded the publication of “The Development of the Blind Child.”

Presently, HOMED’s Athens headquarters specializes in tourist healthcare. In collaboration with insurance companies and a private hospital, it efficiently manages patient hospitalizations and emergency transfers, often leading to improved health outcomes.

Finally, the continuous stream of positive feedback on Google reviews mirrors HOMED’s high-quality services, solidifying the enduring success of the “HOMED Global Healthcare Recognition

Honorary distinction e-Europe Awards from the European Union.

MARCH 2020

An esteemed invitation to a prestigious international medical conference in Casablanca, Morocco


An esteemed invitation to an international medical conference in Sydney, Australia. HOMED's President inaugurated the event with an opening speech and concluded the conference, introduced by the Minister of Health of New South Wales

JULY 2018